List of Businesses a Foreigner Can Own in The Philippines Expanded!

Good news for foreign entrepreneurs in The Philippines! The list of business types that a foreigner may own has been expanded! As of 2018 here are the business types that foreigners may own a 100% stake in The Philippines.

Businesses That a Foreigner May Own a 100% Stake in The Philippines

The five investment areas and activities that can now be 100 percent owned by foreigners are the following, according to the National Economic and Development Authority:

  • Internet businesses
  • Teaching at higher education levels provided the subject being taught is not a professional subject
  • Training centers that are engaged in short-term high-level skills development that do not form part of the formal education system
  • Adjustment companies, lending companies, financing companies, and investment houses
  • Wellness centers
  • Export-oriented enterprises that derive at least 60% of the revenue outside of The Philippines

A Foreigner May Own Up to 40 in These Businesses 

  • Contracts for the construction and repair of locally-funded public works (except for infrastructure or development projects covered in Republic Act 7718), and projects which are foreign-funded or assisted and required to undergo international competitive bidding.
  • Private radio and communication networks
  • Export-oriented enterprises with 60% or more of their revenue coming from The Philippines or less than US $200,000 in capitalization
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