How to Make a Filipina Fall in Love With You

How to Make a Filipina Truly Fall in Love With You

(written by a Filipino)

I know exactly how you can make a Filipina fall in love with you. Filipinas are like Roses, they are very sweet-looking and endearing at first glance, but better be careful, you might get hurt by her thorns and thistles if you’re going to provoke her. Believe me, your life will be a living hell. Here are a few pointers for foreigners seeking to win the heart of a Filipina:

Be Courteous

 Traditionally, courteous men exhibiting gallantry and chivalry will most likely win the heart of a Filipina. We have a long tradition of burdensome and exhausting courtship rituals, just to get the hands of Filipinas in marriage. Be kind and generous. You don’t need expensive cars nor treat her to the most extravagant restaurants. You simply showing your sincere affection is more than enough.

Love Her Family

We Filipinos, are very much family-oriented. We sacrifice a lot of our dreams just for the betterment of our families. Here, blood is thicker than water. Filipinas are the most loving when it comes to their families.

She is willing to leave everything behind in her own country, so that her clan may experience the good things in life through her assistance. If you hear tons of ugly comments from her family you have lost half of the battle.

Try to Learn Her Language

She may speak good English, but she will very much appreciate it if you can express your affection in her own native tongue. I advise you to learn her local tongue and the national language. Take the time to learn some words in her native tongue.

Filipinas love to see an effort. Even if your accent sucks and you make a fool of yourself trying to speak Tagalog (or her local language) she’ll appreciate the effort. On top of that, learning the language will help you spot a scammer as well.

If You Know She’s Right, Then Don’t Argue

It will make things worse. Foreigners with a lot of airy attitude in them will be dumped by Filipinas if they don’t learn to accept their wrongdoing. The matriarchal instinct of this country is very strong, having rooted in our early cultures before we are colonized by the Spaniards.

Women are warriors, traders and governors during our pre-colonial era. She can be as ferocious as her male counterparts. You shouldn’t expect the typical blue-eyed, blonde-haired, damsel-in-distress locked up in a castle in some cultures.

She is the Ruler of the Household

Kids here will most likely obey the advice of their Mothers than their Fathers. The house is her dominion. You’re the one who should adjust.

Hand Her the Finances

This will be difficult for most foreigners who are frugal. But believe me, the Filipina is a very good accountant. She can use very little finance to make both ends meet.

If you want a girl that truly loves you then you need to court her. The first step is to find someone you actually have common interests with and who shares your values. This is why I recommend guys try to go for a Pinay a little closer to their age. I get it, the 19-year-old ‘fresh’ girl is what gets the blood flowing the most. But honestly, what will you have in common with a 20-year-old who’s never traveled out of her own province? Here’s Why You Should Consider Dating Older Filipinas.

The Next step is to Show Her Your Sincerity

Filipinas are not dumb. They know you’ve probably talked to 100’s of girls before them. If you’ve found one that you’re serious about, then show her she’s the only one. Listen to her interests. Take her out. Try to get along with her family. But don’t buy her expensive gifts!

All in all what most Filipinas are looking for is an honest, sincere partner, who will take care of them. If you’re interested in dating one just show her that you’re the guy.

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Bonus: What NOT to Do

I can tell you what not to do. Don’t try to buy her! Living here in The Philippines I see far too many guys coming here thinking they can just buy any girl they want. It’s easy to get confused because there are so many prostitutes here but honestly, no girl worth having can be bought.

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