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Here’s Why Your Filipina is Asking for Money All The Time

You’ve been talking to a nice Filipina for two weeks now. Everything seems to be going great. Then you get the dreaded Skype call…

Skype Conversation

Her: Oh baby I have a problem

You: What is it?

Her: Oh I’m shy…

You (rolling your eyes): What is it?

Her: My lola is in the hospital and they are demanding 20k or they will kick her out. I don’t know what we will do. I feel so bad asking but can you help me?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Some of the other excuses include:

  • I have had the flu for 3 days
  • My family has no food or soap to shower with
  • I need a passport to go work in Singapore
  • My baby is in the hospital and dying, you’re my only hope and I am sitting here praying your name to my baby!

Another two weeks wasted and you feel a few of your heart cells die. Everything you thought about her was a lie. The whole two weeks where you were imagining walking down the aisle were a lie. She just was buttering you up to ask for cash!

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Why Do Pinays Ask For Money So Much?

Want to know why do Filipinas always ask for money? Because they get it! One of the biggest mistakes guys try to make when dating a Filipina is trying to buy her. Guys, you can’t buy a person. That’s what makes love so precious it’s pretty much the only thing in the universe that can’t be bought. Sometimes guys will give them gifts to show that they are serious. It’s okay to gift a teddy bear, flowers, chocolates things like that. But money is actually a pretty thoughtless & lazy gift.

Want to know one of the best gifts a Filipina friend told me she’s ever received from a guy? Her lover made a sign with her name out of wood! It couldn’t have cost more than $10 but it took work and it was thoughtful! That was worth more to her than $100 in her bank account.

Filipinas Ask for Money Because They Feel You Owe Them

There are some, a lot actually, Pinays who have this attitude that they’re the ones doing you a favor by dating you. You’ll more typically get this from the 18-24 age bracket. For that reason they will ask for money because they feel as though they are owed that money for their willingness to be seen with you. A great way to spot one of these girls is if she has to ‘warm up’ to you. Meaning she initially seems disgusted but then slowly it goes away.


If you are dating a provincial girl whose family has no father in the home and she and her mother are the breadwinners then you can guess why she’s dating foreigners. She may genuinely be impoverished and they need money to survive. However, in my experience a lot of these girls are just looking for an economic shortcut. If she’s laying a whole bunch of sad stories on you from the get-go then it’s time for you to bounce to another girl.

They Think You are Rich…they’re right

Probably in your mind you’re just a middle class guy that works hard to eke out a living. In her, and the majority of the Philippine population’s mind, you’re a millionaire. Remember the minimum wage here is 300 php which is about $6 per day. So even someone earning a minimum wage of $8.75 an hour is equivalent to a millionaire for them.

Should You Give Your Filipina Girlfriend Money?

Guys always want to know whether or not to give their Filipina girlfriend money and for me the answer is a resounding no; for at least three months. This is for a couple of reasons: 1. You can’t buy love 2. You’ll be establishing yourself as a sugar daddy. Now if you’re just looking for a woman that will let you dominate and control her in exchange for cash then have at it and send her money. But if you want a true genuine loving relationship then the answer is no.

It’s okay if you want to help her out later on but for the first three months no money should change hands. I like to follow the three month rule because usually that’s how long it takes to see if she’s legit or not. Don’t be fooled by her insistence that “Oh I’m not like them”. Her actions will tell you whether she is like them or not.

If she asks for money right away you already know she’s a gold digger but after a month or so if she asks for money and you decline see how she reacts. If you see her pulling back, taking longer to respond to your messages, or making excuses to cut your conversations short then thank God because you’ve discovered that she’s a gold digger.

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