Immigration Rules & Regs

Here’s How to Bring Your Filipina Girlfriend to The US

How to Get a CR-1 Visa

You must fill out an I-130 Petition for an alien relative. This is trickier than it sounds. Given the current immigration evironment I strongly advise you to contact a competent visa preparation service.

How Long Does the Visa Process Take?

I just want to say that the visa processing times are estimates based on averages for all applicants. Your visa may take longer or shorter than these times and no visa agency can guarantee your visa will be approved quicker.

  • The CR-1 Spousal visa takes 7-10 months
  • The K-3 Spousal visa takes 6-9 months
  • The k-1 Fiancé visa takes 4-12 months

Is it Better to Get Married in The US or The Philippines?

If your goal is to get your Filipino girlfriend to the US as quickly as possible, your best bet is to hold off on the wedding until your spouse gets to America. That way you can apply for the k-1 finacé. That being said if you get married in The Philippines and wait a bit longer for the marriage visa she’ll be able to work and contribute to your household right away It’s also a lot cheaper to get a spousal visa and have a wedding in The Philippines than in the United States.

If I Get Married in The Philippines is it Legal in The US?

Yes, so long as the marriage legally recognized in The Philippines it will also be valid in the United States. However, you must go through the immigration process in order for your marriage to be recognized in the US. Getting married to an American citizen doesn’t guarantee a green card.

Should You Use a Visa Processing Service?

It is possible to go through the 1,000 pages of documents it takes to get a k-1 visa yourself. However, under the Trump administration denials have increased dramatically, processing times have slowed, and the government isn’t as lenient as it once was. That means you need to make sure all your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted.

That is why I strongly recommend using a good visa service. FilipinoVisa has a 0% denial rate and takes care of everything for you from her transportation to the medical exam to filling out all of the paperwork. I know several guys who have used them and are very happy with them.

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