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Best Sites to Discreetly Meet Ladyboys in Manila

One of the best things about Asian she-males is that they look an awful lot like the real thing. So you can get the parts that give you the most pleasure without any of the social stigmas. Or, if you just like bend over really effeminate guys that sound like girls when you’re showing them who’s boss, either way, ladyboys are a great way to go. A lot of guys go to Thailand to meet ladyboys and there’s nothing wrong with that but there are some distinct advantages of Filipino ladyboys. 1. Most of them speak decent English (unlike Thailand), and 2. A lot of them are seeking a real relationship.

Best Places to Meet Ladyboys in Manila

I’m not into bars boys at all. A friend dragged me to a bar one time and this gorgeous ladyboy talked to me but I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking ‘how many other guys have been where I’m about to go before?” That’s why I can’t give advice on meeting ladyboys in a bar. I like malls myself.

Let’s face it, Filipinos love malls and ladyboys are no different. If you’re looking to meet a ladyboy in person outside of a bar then a shopping mall is going to be your best bet. The two most popular malls for ladyboys are going to Mall of Asia, colloquially known as MOA pronounced MO-AH, and Greenbelt 3. These are the upscale malls where a lot of foreigners go and ladyboys follow.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of MOA as its really freaking huge. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of people. I’m not saying its bad there’s just way too much going on there for me to feel comfortable there. Greenbelt is a better choice but it’s an upscale mall and a lot of ladyboys you meet there are just looking for cash.  Truthfully, I say just go to mall nearest you that you’re most comfortable in.

Some guys try to make finding good ladyboys to be some sort of science when it isn’t. It’s an art and it’s not difficult. Just make sure you’re approachable, don’t try to win her over with cash and you should be fine. I like to talk to the actual employees at the mall because then I know they have a job. Most will give their number if you get them alone.

I used to go to SM clothing store, I would see someone I liked, I’d smile and if she smiled back I’d ask to see something in some remote corner and ask her if she’s single. If she said yes I’d ask for her number.  That’s another thing, be a man, don’t just give her your number ask for her number. She’ll respect you more that way.



Best Sites to Meet Ladyboys in Manila – No one has to know 😉


Filipino Cupid is the world’s largest Filipino dating site with over 1 million members. Once you log into the site you just need to search or ‘Male’ and a large portion of the results will be ladyboys.  You can search for matches and create a profile for free. One only person needs to pay (you) in order for you to be able to communicate.

In Gay Dating

International Gay Dating or INGayDating is a site for those seeking a serious relationship. This site has the most extensive screening process that I’ve ever seen. The Filipino profiles are screened by the software and then a human screener reviews them. They’re not joking around when they say the site is not meant to be sexual either.

They deny profiles that are too sexual. They want guys who are serious about taking their Filipinos home with them. Like Filipino Cupid, you can respond to messages on a free account but you must upgrade to a premium membership to initiate a conversation. Visit

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