What You Need to Know About Dating Filipinas

Have you ever wondered why it is quite common to see a Filipina with a foreigner?  Well, some of these pretty Filipinas probably seek a more comfortable life, while others genuinely seek for a lasting relationship from these foreign men.

One thing cannot be denied though, Cupid has released his arrows from the Philippines way too much.  This article aims to provide you with a better understanding on the Filipino culture, what to expect when dating Filipinas, how to impress the Filipina lady you like and how to spot a genuine Filipina from someone who sees you like an ATM machine.


A brief history of interracial marriages in the Philippines

The Chinese, Arabs, and Indians were the first foreign settlers here in the Philippines.  The Arab and Indians have immensely influenced the country’s religion, converting the pagan natives to Hinduism and Islam.  The Chinese settlers though, mostly sought to barter their porcelain goods with fishes, seafood or pearls.

Since the Filipinos are naturally warm, welcoming and hospitable, these foreign men have intermarried with the local women.  At present, more than 90 percent of the Filipinos have mixed bloodlines.  You see, this isn’t really anything new for Filipinos.


Why do Filipinas date foreign men?

There are most likely numerous reasons why, but to be quite honest, it is mostly because of poverty.  It has become a norm for people use wits to decide, even when it comes to romance.

Being pragmatic, especially in an economically developing country like the Philippines is the better option.  Society in general encourages Filipinos to seek greener pastures.

Not only does the Philippines lack real economic growth, but the politicians here are greedy.  Thus, people remained impoverished.  Believe it or not, there are still some Filipinos who frown upon the ladies hitching off to an older foreign man for a comfortable life.

Most family members of the lady who has an older foreigner however, don’t mind.  Well, let’s face it…these are the family members who expect their hands to be greased with something “pleasant”.

There are exceptions to the rule!

You might not want to believe it, but there are some Filipinas who simply got tired of dating local men.  These are the more intellectual, financially secure, and outspoken Filipinas who are tired of the local men’s timidity.

You’d be surprised to hear of a very few foreign men who will gladly tell his buddies of how fortunate he is with his Filipina partner because she hasn’t asked anything from him yet.

I know of an American whose Filipina partner splits the bills with him.  She buys treats for her American partner and doesn’t complain about it.  They exist.  It might be very difficult to find these ladies though.


Do both parties benefit from the relationship?

The best answer to this question would be yes.  If you have had a closer and better look at these May – December interracial couples, you’ll be surprised at how many of them are actually living happy and content lives.

You’ll mostly be touched by the attention and care that she’s offering him.  Most Filipinas have great domestic skills that most Western ladies haven’t really paid much attention to.

Every man wants a warm meal cooked by his wife after a long day at work.  In most of these cases, the older foreign man would love to have a partner who listens to his viewpoints and will give him a back rub when he needs it.  In return, he gladly gives her a comfortable life, and they travel more together.  It is really a win-win situation for both parties.

How long-distance dating has evolved

Back in the day, it has been quite challenging for Filipinas to communicate with their lovers because of the limitations.  Snail mail too slow and regular phone calls used to cost a fortune.  Fortunately, the advent of internet has immensely changed long-distance relationships for the better.

It has become more affordable and convenient for Filipinas to “advertise” themselves in various dating sites.  Thus, they can communicate with as many as they want.  The same is true for all the foreigners too.  They can easily chat, voice call, or video call to as many Filipinas as they wish.

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Charming qualities of Filipinas that captivated the hearts of men

Since there are so many endearing qualities that Filipinas have, let’s just have their more important traits into the following bullet points:

  • Physical beauty. Let’s face it, among Asian women, the Filipinas are the most alluring, feminine and exotic.  They also have the most number of beauty titles because of their wits.  As of the moment, they have 4 Miss Universe titles and is leading the whole Asian continent when it comes to modeling and pageantry.
  • Cheerful disposition.  Not every day will be sunny.  There will certainly be challenging days ahead, and obstacles to overcome.  However, with a Filipina partner, you can be sure that they certainly know how to stay positive.  Filipino people in general, are delightful to be with.  They’ll entertain you with gleeful chatter about everything and anything under the sun.
  • Family-oriented ladies. Any marriage-minded man would definitely choose a lady who’s loyalty is towards her spouse and family.  Filipinas are willing to do whatever it takes to stretch their husband’s budget by doing most of the house chores.  They are devoted and dedicated house managers and are totally unselfish with their time.  They wake up before the sun rises, and would always be the last ones to sleep on weekdays for her family’s comfort and well-being.
  • Supportive wives. Like most Asian wives, Filipina wives are their husbands’ cheerleaders.  Imagine this, you had a bad day at work, and when you begin talking to your wife about it at home, she gives you a warm hug and reassures you that you’re her hero.  Who doesn’t want that?  For Filipina wives, their husbands are always their valiant knights who will courageously brave the odds for their families.

With all these wonderful traits Filipinas have, how will you impress Filipinas?

You’ve probably been mulling about the huge cultural difference that you’ll both have to face.  Without a doubt, it will be tough, but worth it.  Filipino people, in general, are resilient, patient, courageous, and cheerful.  I have highlighted several traits that any man should possess for him to captivate the heart of his lady love.


  • Be polite and courteous. If you have Asian friends in your motherland, you have a good idea on how polite and courteous they are.  All Asians value these traits.  You don’t have to act timid, just be the way you are.  Saying polite words such as “please” and “thank you” goes a long way.
  • Be thoughtful. Let’s face it, thoughtfulness is a very endearing characteristic.  This one, we just can’t fake.  If you aren’t that expressive, then this is the best time to become more galliant with your words.
  • Be family-oriented. You can get away with this one, since the relationship between extended family members in many other countries will never be as tight as they are in Asia, especially in the Philippines.  Take note, however, that if you explain that your desire is to have a Filipina girlfriend or wife is closely related to a deep longing for closer family ties, then you’ll certainly melt the heart of your lady love.
  • Be respectful. Eventually, you’ll travel hundreds or thousands of miles from your motherland to the Philippines just to meet your lady love.  Being respectful of her family values and tradition, which naturally includes her religious and political beliefs is a must.
  • Be generous. While this doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend for every single immediate and extended family member, it means that you’ll have to take your lady love and her important family members to a nice meal or spend a weekend in a good resort.  Then, she’ll appreciate your kindness towards her family.  This is also a measure of how good you will become as the financial provider of your future family.

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What’s the difference between dating Filipinas online and meeting them in person?

It’s like night and day, scarlet and white…yup…that’s how huge the difference is.  For one, online dating isn’t for everyone.  When you decide to make a profile in an online dating site, you expose yourself to scammers.  Some of them do it upfront, within days or a week, while some are slick about it.  You’ll find it tough to spot the slicker ones.

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These ladies start out genuine, so you get emotionally attached to them.  After a few months or so, they’ll begin asking you for money.  They’ll think of reasons for you to pity them.  As a general rule, never send money to any lady you have never met in person.

If you are one of the more fortunate ones and meet a genuine Filipina who doesn’t look at you as an ATM machine, by all means, book a flight and schedule a vacation to meet her in person.  These are the ladies who want better opportunities for themselves and their families but are willing to work their butts off to have it.  Trust me, there are some of those ladies.  You just have to keep a watchful eye, and never, ever let your guard down.


Is it normal for Filipinas to fall in love fast?

This is a challenging question to answer.  However, if you only met your Filipina in a dating site, and she claims to have fallen in love with you days after you begin chatting and video conferencing, there obviously is something wrong.

There are thousands of decent Filipinas who are well-educated and level headed. While you really have to meet them in person, probably half of them are in online dating sites also.   You’ll just never know, so you might as well try meeting these lovely ladies online.

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How will you know if your Filipina is the real deal?

Just like any other relationship, only time will tell.  If at the onset of your relationship, your lady love is honest with you about her finances and doesn’t demand any exuberant amount from you, this is an amazing sign.  If she constantly asks you to go shopping or fine dining, this is definitely a red flag.

Filipinas are naturally great in managing the household, so if she acts somewhat lazy and doesn’t cook and clean when you live together, maybe it is time for you to look somewhere else.  There are some cases though, where Filipinas who are better off economically will be willing to share what they have with you.

They may buy you some gifts.  If you find a rare gem such as this one, just be thankful to her whenever she gives you anything.  This is her way of telling you that it is YOU that she adores, not your bank account.


What’s it like for an expat to have a Filipina girlfriend?

Let me be very honest.  It can be heaven on earth, or your worst nightmare.  Either way, you have to be alert on the signs that will be evident after you begin going out with your charming Filipina.  When you are with a Filipina, expect to be pampered like a baby and treated like a king.

She will cook for you, give you back rubs, and keep the house clean and organized for you.  This is every man’s dream.  The genuine Filipinas may be a little more challenging to find these days, but searching for a treasure like her is truly worth it.


Thank you for spending a few minutes of your precious time to read about what it’s like to date a Filipina. I hope that our valuable tips here will lead you to your true love.

This may just be a general guide, but will hopefully be helpful enough.  Feel free to comment with more questions about living in Manila or anywhere in the Philippines.

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