Survey Gives 8 Great Reasons to Date a Filipina

Maybe you are single and you don’t want to be? You’re not alone studies show more men are single now than at any time in American history. A lot of guys just can’t find women who have the values set that they are looking for. I did actual research and here’s what I found.

Nearly 80% of western men who are married to Filipinas said they were ‘very satisfied’ with their marriages.  Here are the commonly cited reasons:

They’re pretty

Filipinas are famous throughout the globe for their beauty. Their beautiful sunkissed skin matched with their sunny disposition make them unique in the dating world.

They Are Young and Beautiful

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the average Filipino woman is just 23 years old, nice! In addition to that Asia has the lowest obesity rates on the planet. That’s why a Filipina is more likely to be young and fit than other girls.

What’s even better is they don’t care about age. Even in Filipina-Filipino relationships, wide age gaps are commonplace. Asian culture actually respects age and its codified in law. Senior citizens in The Philippines are entitled to special discounts, they get their own shorter lines at service counters, and they are treated with respect unlike in the west.

Shockingly, in my research project I found that guys who had a 30 year or large age difference actually reported a slightly higher satisfaction rate with their marriages than guys who had an age difference of fewer than 5 years.

Many guys who are married to Filipinas said one of their favorite aspects of their wives is that she accepts them as they are.

You Get a Girlfriend and a Mom in One!

If you are dating a Filipina, expect that you would get exemplary service – that’s for sure! They truly enjoy taking care of our partners. It is normal for them to wake up earlier than usual to prepare your breakfast, your clothes for the day, your gadgets and all that jazz. They want you to feel loved at all times. They want you to feel like a king when you are with them. Just a tip – Don’t get annoyed if they send random messages every hour of the day just to check if you are doing well. It’s just that they can’t help but be sweet.

They’re Accepting

Whether you’re black, white, Asian, or even green and blue you can find a Filipina for you. While there is colorism in The Philippines (as with all of Asia) if you come here you’ll find that many of them have evolved away from that and will look past any archaic notions of white skin beauty. Come as you are to The Philippines and you will find love.

They Actually Want Love

A big problem in the Filipino dating scene is that there are more women than men. Because the Filipino men know they’re in high demand they often will ask for money and play the field. Many Filipinas get tired of trying to buy a boyfriend and will look to foreign men who are serious about them and treat them as a human being instead of a source of income.

Filipinos Are Affectionate

So long as you get a Filipina that’s not over-the-top religious she’ll show you a lot of affection. Whenever I’m with my partner on a hot day she’ll always wipe the sweat off my face. I don’t even ask. She just instinctively takes out a handkerchief and wipes my face. It’s those small things that make me love dating Filipinas.

They Are Family-Oriented

The family is the most important thing to a Filipino. Filipinos love family and want one of their own. It’s very rare that you’ll find a Filipina that doesn’t want to have a family and just wants to go to the club every Friday night. Their dedication to their family is profound and amazing to watch.

They’re Not Demanding

If you’ve dated a lot of women back home then you know many of them have high expectations. They expect to be treated like princesses who demand ‘equality’ when it comes to household chores but still expect you to pay most of the bills.

In The Philippines, it’s the exact opposite. They will be competing for you! You don’t need to woo a Filipina with expensive gifts. The most important thing a Filipina wants to see is that you’re serious with her. Once you have proven you’re serious she’ll treat you with such love and respect you’ll feel overwhelmed.

You’ll Experience Love Like Never Before

Once you find a Filipina that loves you they make the best partners you’ll ever have. A Filipina that truly loves you will make you experience love in a way that you’ve never experienced in your entire life. She’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy and hopefully, you’ll do the same for her. I’m a techie so I spend most of my days staring at my laptop looking at code and graphs. Suffice it to say I don’t care about clothes or anything of the sort.

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I’ll never forget one day I tried to go out to go to the store but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me go because my shirt was wrinkled. She didn’t want her lover (me) to be seen in clothes that weren’t ironed. She made me give her my shirt and he ironed it and then let me go out. That was when I knew I hit the jackpot.

Jomar’s Story

I had a buddy that was having a hard time dating women here in The States. He was only 35 and had a full-time job as a nurse, but the girls he kept meeting just didn’t share his values. He also had problems with women cheating on him. The problem was the girls he was interested in valued hyper-masculine aggressive males and as a relatively soft-spoken Asian male, he didn’t fit their criteria.

We (his parents and I) suggested looking to The Philippines for a suitable wife. He was skeptical but open. So, he decided to just try it

He chatted with many women and went there twice. Last time he came back he jubilantly told me he met a nice young lady that fit his criteria. She was in shape, conservative, and loved the Lord as much as he did. Even better she wasn’t demanding and all in his face like the western women he dated before.

Better still she didn’t look down on him for living with his parents. She understood that he had a full-time job and knew he was saving money to buy a house. I’ve never seen him happier!

They got married last month.

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3 years ago

as a super Handsome westerner, I truly love Asia for its wonderful love of family life, Respect for the older person, and not being pushy like a western woman. I’ve had over 200 Asian GF