My Filipino Kisses Love Story (Review)

Greetings and welcome to my Filipino Kisses dating review. I would like to go ahead and tell you a little of my story before we get started.

My name is Teddy, and I really could not wait to find a special person who could be a friend, a romantic partner, and somebody to laugh with about everything. I also look forward to being a dad for the second time, so I was hoping to find a lady who would like to have children or maybe already had a child so my daughter and I could share the fun of being a family.

I am happy to report that things are going well thanks to Filipino Kisses. I will not lie; my lady and I have not made it official that we are getting married. The topic has come up in conversation and our kids get along well-my ten-year-old daughter and her four-year-old daughter have fun together outdoors or playing with makeup and the like. So, I would say things are going in the right direction and I could not be happier.

My lady’s name is Julie, and I think she is a lovely woman inside and out. She is a great mom, a great partner, and definitely somebody I would be so happy to spend the rest of my life with. We share the same sense of humor and our political views nearly align; plus, we opened up cultural doors for one another. She got me into feeling brave and trying Filipino foods, and I got her to try some of the local restaurants in my city.

No, the relationship is not perfect by any means; we do have our differences about how children should be raised and dividing household chores. But I can honestly say that I am really happy with my experience at I’d like to take this chance to tell you about the website in an unbiased way.

Overview is a website that matches Filipina women and men to partners from around the world to and the Philippines, of course! As I got started on my dating journey, I really only wanted websites that were established and legit. This one has been up and running for over ten years-2006 to be exact-and so you can feel good about what you’re getting. Profiles are free to create, always a plus. However, there is a paid membership fee, we will discuss that later on.

You can feel confident and safe here about dating, no matter your sexual preference. This dating site is for men seeking women. There is a separate site for ladyboys and those who admire them. Read my review of Ladyboy Kisses. You can meet and date any gender that you prefer. Those in the LGBT community will also find this is a safe place to seek love.

Under the free membership, you can register, make a few daily free contacts, and women write emails to men for nothing. There is also free email and chat translation, too.

Membership & Fees

I took this right from their website: A list of all the different membership fees and what you get.

  • Gold Membership-27 euros a month, 300 contacts, auto-renew payment
  • Gold Membership-no auto-renew, 35 euros a month, 300 contacts a month
  • Gold Membership-3 months for 70 euros (that’s 23 euros a month), 900 contacts
  • Gold Membership-6 months for 105 euros, 1800 euros a month
  • Gold Membership-12 months for 140 euros, 3600 contacts total

I did opt for the 6-month tier as I felt it was a fair deal and I could afford it. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

You can cancel the auto-renewed membership at any given time. You need not worry about being locked into a contract, especially if you find somebody special and no longer need the profile.

More Membership Details

Filipino Kisses runs a very tight ship when it comes to their verification process. They make sure to verify each and every profile so that you are not stuck contacting fake members or being let down with a catfish or something to that effect. You must provide your email address and a scanned passport copy or government identification to complete the registration. I did not agree with this as I felt it was an invasion of my privacy, but when I came to see the reasoning behind it, I was understanding.

I even had to submit a photo of myself holding a slip of paper with my email clearly written on it. It will seem like a pain and will make you feel slightly silly, but it is worth it. After all, nobody wants to be let down with a fake profile if they start falling in love…if you’ve ever seen those catfishing shows on television, you know what I mean.

Features to Look Forward To

The Filipino Kisses dating site has plenty of nice features, especially if you are a little shy. I liked that you could send polite icebreaker messages to the members that are automated. That way you don’t have to come up with the right words to say or risk losing credibility when you use a cheesy pickup line (I did that when I was younger, and I do not recommend it).

Ladies you are in luck. You can send messages to others for free. You can make a list of your favorite profiles and browse them. You can also learn some good Filipino phrases for easier conversation. Julie’s English is getting better each day, but it is a two-way street and I do my best to sometimes use Tagalog words when it’s easier. Some I learned right on Filipino Kisses.

Besides, learning to use some basic phrases and words goes a long way in showing you are serious about meeting and getting to know one another.

I also enjoyed the use of the Webcam chat feature. Although Julie and I eventually traded phone numbers and began communicating over mobile, the webcam chat was a nice way to kick things off. You can also connect your WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ or Facebook-among others-to the site and take it with you on the go. I liked talking to Julie while riding the train home over WhatsApp.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to contact support. You will not find an FAQ page like you might at some other websites, but you can look forward to live-chat on Skype as well as email support. This is really great, especially if you are new and still looking around to see what you can find. It is also very discreet, and the customer service reps are all non-judgmental and friendly.

You should still be very careful about who you contact. The Filipino Kisses site does a great job of keeping scammers and fakes at bay, but there are still crafty people who get around the rules. So, do be very cautious when you first contact somebody. Remember the golden rule of the Internet: If it seems too good to be true it probably is. And do not send money to anybody you do not know personally. It may seem like a great idea to lend a helping hand to someone you just met in an attempt to win them over, but don’t do it!

In some cases, I found that women would ask for money after a short period of time when in communication. I heard this from other users, too. I politely told them this was not the relationship I wanted and did not communicate with them further. Julie is just one woman, but she is a hard worker and a great mother and would not ask for money unless she was REALLY down on her luck-many Filipina women are just like her and take pride in their great work ethic.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that Filipino Kisses is a wonderful website for anybody who would like to meet a new partner or even make a friend. I was very happy to see that it catered to all people regardless of their gender or sexuality, and it was a place for all to feel welcome and seek somebody just for them.

The only things I can honestly say I did not like was the high membership fees; I do wish those could be a bit cheaper. However, it takes a lot of bandwidth and staff to keep the site up and running, so I understand it has to be done. I also did not care for the registration process, but at the same time I think that falling in love and finding out the person you cared about was a fake would be a lot more painful and heartbreaking. So, just grin and bear that part, and you will go along just fine.

All in all, this is a really good and safe dating website for Filipino and non-Filipinos alike. I have had a nice experience with it, and I think you will do the same. Be confident and polite and enjoy meeting new people as you go. Good luck and thanks for reading my review.


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