Davis Taxis Banned From Manila Airport After Driver Tries to Scam Aussie Tourists

Jhumil Bule was the taxi driver caught on camera trying to scam two Australian travel bloggers. The crocked cabbie apparently tried to tell the vloggers they needed to pay an extra fee for their luggage. However, being frequent visitors to The Philippines they knew this wasn’t the case and refused to comply with the driver’s demand for more cash. Once Bule released they were recording him he ordered them out of his cab in a remote area. After the couple refused he took them to their destination using an obvious detour to run up the meter.

According to the Bureau of Immigration’s facebook page, it has been decided that he and his employer Davis Taxis will be banned from Manila airports.

Jhumil Bule (right) was identified after a video of the ordeal taken by the Aussie vloggers weren’t viral with over 175,000 views. He was soon arrested and berated by Colonel Roque Alcantara (left). Formal charges have been filed against Bule but it is unknown whether or not he is still driving or not.

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