It’s Possible for Foreigners to Enter The Philippines Now


As you know The Philippines has closed its borders to general tourists for nearly two years but has slowly begun reopening for certain folks. Good news! Now even more people may enter the country. If you are planning to retire to The PH, are over 50, and will apply for an SRRV (Special Resident’s Retiree Visa) visa you may enter The Philippines now!


Here’s What to Do

Assuming you meet the requirements you need to email the following documents to the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) for a pre-evaluation.

  1. Police Clearance from your country
  2. Pension/Bank Statements/Proof of Income

Once you are pre-approved by the PRA you will receive an exemption letter which will allow you to enter the Philippines on a normal 9a tourist visa. At that point, you have two weeks to submit your full application for the SRRV. Upon approval, you will need to quarantine for 6 days (8 days for unvaccinated persons).

The Costs of the SRRV

The application fee is $1,760 (application + annual fee) if you’re only applying for yourself

You need a deposit of $20,000 ($1,500 if you’re a vet)

For more information on the SRRV visa please read my full article here.


Who May Enter The Philippines?

As of November 16th, 2021 the following groups may enter The Philippines

  • Filipino Citizens
  • Baklibayans
  • Foreign Nationals with Existing Visas
  • Foreign Spouses, Parents, or Children of Filipino Citizens
  • Foreign Nationals Applying for the SRRV

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